ScheduleWidget Is Now Open Source

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I had no idea that in the few short months since ScheduleWidget went live on NuGet it would be so popular. That tells me that other devs have a real need for the tool just like I did in my own project. That's the good news. The bad news is the feature requests are coming in and I can't support it alone. So she's going open source! I've created a repo and done the initial commit into GitHub. The repo on is here. When I have time there are two features that I want to add:

(1) Allow quarterly events (in addition to one-time, daily, weekly, and monthly recurrences).

(2) Allow temporal expressions such as "the 24th of every month"

Maybe you'd like to contribute? That would be very much appreciated. If you're not familiar with github I highly recommend downloading GitHub for Windows. It's free and makes working with the repo a breeze. Then you're going to want to check out how to fork a repository in order to contribute to ScheduleWidget.

Maybe down the road I'll set up an automated build. But for right now it's just the raw source. When a good stable release is ready I'll be responsible for getting it into NuGet. 


  • Aaron Konyer said

    Thank you for this! I managed to add the functionality that I needed to ScheduleWidget! This is a huge help to me. I would be willing to commit the changes that I made, but honestly I don't know if it will help anyone else. I only had to add ~5 lines of code to get "temporal expressions such as 'the 24th of every month'" working for my application. But I'm not actually sure if it is abstract enough to work with others applications or not.

  • Michael said

    Aaron, can you share how you implemented "temporal expressions such as 'the 24th of every month'"? (or perhaps even of every X months?) Thanks.

  • eli said

    This plugin seems to be just what i am looking for. I cant seem to find what langiage it is on. Can i use it on my php/ajax/mysql app?

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