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  • Pattern Toolkit Builder (VSPAT)

    A few days ago Jezz Santos at Microsoft Consulting announced the release of Pattern Toolkit Builder (VSPAT) for Visual Studio 2010. Why not VSPTB? I think PA originally stood for "pattern automation" and the marketing folks just haven't nailed this down yet. Anyway, this promises to be the sort of game changer I've been looking for in my organization. I remember the software factory idea that the P&P team worked on a few years ago. It sort of died on the vine. The idea with pattern automation or "software factories" is that a very senior developer can create interactive, prescriptive (or merely helpful), project templates that junior developers can use to get started on a new project. The toolkit lets you create guidance and proven patterns in the actual code that gets unpacked from the project template so that junior developers aren't faced with the "blank slate how-do-I-get-started" problem.  Continue reading...